From conceptualizing your next home, apartment complex, senior community, or Commercial renovation, to delivering a completed project, Vanguard remains a creative problem-solving firm, dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations from start to finish. We take the time to listen to all of your needs, ideas, and concerns, and create a tailored approach that best serves your objectives.



In the very beginning stages of your project, Vanguard is ready to partner with your design professional or provide all drafting, architectural, engineering, cost analysis, and land development services directly. Through partnering together from the beginning, Vanguard provides creative value-engineering and solution-oriented problem solving. This approach has consistently saved our clients valuable time and resources.


Development and construction projects are won or lost from the very beginning. No matter the project, surprises and challenges at each stage are not uncommon. However, by partnering with Vanguard from the very beginning and utilizing our in-house design services, we are able to streamline the design and approval process. Throughout this process, your budgeting and scheduling objectives continually remain our priority, ensuring the completion of an excellent product.

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General contracting

For clients that prefer to separate the design, engineering, and approval process, Vanguard is prepared to join the team at any stage. In this scenario, we maintain open communication and direct accountability throughout the entire construction process so that nothing is lost in the details.  As your General Contractor, we are committed to respecting your timeline, providing aggressive pricing and ultimately delivering an exceptional product.


As some customers prefer a deviation from the typical processes of Design/Build or General Contracting, Vanguard is able to partner with you as a Construction Manager, ensuring that your project is progressing to a successful completion. In this scenario, Vanguard manages the design process, performs cost analysis, secures bids of qualified subcontractors, and ultimately acts as the liaison between a project and its owner.